Gavekort 300 DKK

300 kr.

Give a gift to yourself or someone you care about!

You will receive the following gift card when you purchase this product:

  • Gift card with a value of 300 DKK

You can choose who will receive the gift card when you complete your order.

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Freshly harvested fruit and vegetables for yourself or someone you care about!

Now you have the opportunity to buy gift cards for Fresh.Land, which you can either use yourself, or pass on to someone you care about. The gift card allows you to easily share the taste of the season’s best fruits and vegetables with others – maybe you know someone who is absolutely crazy about avocados, or someone who loves to use fresh ingredients for culinary projects in the kitchen. Whatever the occasion, there is always a good reason to enjoy the freshly harvested delicacies.

The gift card can be used to pay for all our products, both fruit, vegetables and delicacies. The gift card is sent via. email so that the recipient will have the opportunity to use it as soon as you approve the order. You can also send the gift card to yourself, and print it out so that the gift card can be personally passed on, or just save it for later.

This is how it works when ordering a gift card

  • You choose the gift card (s) that have the desired amount.
  • Upon payment, you will have the opportunity to choose to whom the gift card should be sent. Yourself, someone you care about, or several different people.
  • Here you will also have the opportunity to add a personal greeting to the recipient.
  • When the order has been paid, the recipient will receive an email with the gift card and it may. included greeting.
  • The gift card is redeemed at the desired time, here on our website