Citrus-mix (8kg)

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Et fantastisk mix (8kg) af sæsonens udvalgte citrussorter: saftige, ubehandlede appelsiner og citroner, direkte fra Lameira familiefarm i Algarve.

I SÆSON lige nu: Lane Late appelsiner og Eureka citroner

Bestil inden torsdag kl 12:00 og få dine varer leveret direkte til døren tirsdag/onsdag den følgende uge.

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Artur’s oranges
They are exceptionally juicy and naturally sweet because they have been allowed to hang on the tree until they are fully ripe. Each orange has roughly 300 days worth of sun in it! Artur’s oranges are completely natural without surface treatment so the rind can also be used in cooking.

All year round
Artur and his family have been growing 17 different citrus fruits varieties (oranges, lemons and clementines) for over 60 years in Algarve – the citrus capital of Portugal. The warm climate and mineral rich soil composition provides the optimal conditions for citrus cultivation.

Storage and shelf life
Since our citrus fruits are completely natural without surface treatment, they have a shorter shelf life. When stored in 4°C – 8°C, they can last for up to 4 weeks. However their best taste is expressed at room temperature.


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